Examples: 物事が多くの人に知れること vs 物事が多くの人に知られること

"the condition of things being known by many people"


知られる is a simple passive form of 知る "to be known".

知れる is a passive-like verb which can mean the same thing as 知られる, but it also has several distinct meanings.

  1. "~ is known" (Semantically very close to 知られる, but sounds more literary and stiff. 知れる cannot be used as "suffer passive", either)

    • 会社に知れたら困る。 (=会社に知られたら困る)
    • 名の知れた店 (=名の知られた店 =有名な店)
  2. "to be (self-)evident", "to be easily understandable", "it goes without saying", "needless to say"

    • 原因はすぐにそれと知れた
    • 行方が知れない (someone) is missing
    • あんなことを言うなんて、気が知れない
    • 金がないのは先から知れたことだ
    • 言わずと知れた
  3. "to seem trivial", "to be not really great", "to be not as good as one may expect"

Examples are taken from 明鏡国語辞典 第二版.

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