In this sentence 何か気に入られてる、みたいなんだけど

Kiniira means to be fond of or being appreciative?

My translation is " why does it seem like he's being appriciated?"

But maybe the word fond of is more likely? I can't think of a grammatically correct way to construct a sentence with"fond"

Edit: the sentence is is being said by an observer that wonders about the relationship between two people.

  • (~を)気【き】に入【い】る: set phrase "to become fond of ~; to like ~"
  • 気に入られる: the passive version of 気に入る. "I am liked"
  • 気に入られている: the progressive version of 気に入られる "I am being liked"
  • 気に入られてる: the contracted version of 気に入られている

何か in this context is not "why" but "kinda" or "somehow". Please see this.

Looks like... I'm somehow liked (by him)...

Note that the implied subject of this sentence is probably "私" (i.e., 私気に入られている = I am liked by him).

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