Both 和紙 and 日本紙 translate to Japanese paper so I'm wondering what is the usage of each?


日本紙 is just another name for 和紙 (also see the entries in a monolingual dictionary).

和紙 is a much more common word than 日本紙 — corpus data suggest a ratio of about 100:1 — not unlike beverage and drink in English (similar ratio, actually).

Talking of drinks, a similar question could be asked about 日本茶 and 緑茶.


There is no difference in meaning. 「和」 means 「日本」.

It is just that 「和紙{わし}」 is used more often than 「日本紙」 is. The former is a "household" word even children know and use whereas the latter sounds more "technical" and slightly stiff to me.

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