What is meaning of "TIME TO HEAD BA-" in English version of Japanese manga?

Whole English context:http://mangahasu.se/onii-chan-wa-oshimai/vol-5-chapter-14-mahiro-and-a-little-adventure-c551795.html

Whole Japanese context:https://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?mode=manga&illust_id=68003729

The English version The Japanese version

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As Chocolate says, the corresponding Japanese is 「さっさと帰ってー」.

However, I think the important part here is the . The way that the the English version cuts off the word back suggests that the translator thinks the character was in the middle of a thought, which they interrupted.

The next frames in the manga show the character noticing a game center, and then presumably rethinking their intention to return home.

Basically, I think that the original thought was 「さっさと帰って(何かをする)」, but was interrupted by the discovery of a game center. Given that the verb 帰る made it into the Japanese version in its entirety though, a more closely corresponding English translation might look like "Time to head back andー".


It's 「さっさと帰って...」, so "Time to head ba(ck home)", maybe?

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