I was reading through the Lore section of a newly released item in Fate/Grand Order and came across a strange suffix/conjugation to a word.


The translation given for the word was "feeble", which makes sense due to the usage of 弱.

I searched around a bit and couldn't find a particular meaning, however I did find a similar word in 生っちろい (meaning: pale or pasty), in which the ちろい part appears to actually be 白い.

My major questions are:

  • What is the significance of っちろい
  • Are both of these っちろい the same (in both meaning and kanji) in both words
  • Why not use 弱い instead? (Is it perhaps stylistic in choice, dialect based, etc.)


is the colloquial pronunciation of:


and I assure you that 「ちょろい」 is even listed in Jisho.


All by itself, 「ちょろい」means "easy", "slack", "superficial" etc. Note that there is no kanji for the word and it has nothing to do with 「白{しろ}い」. (I will come back to this point about 「白い」 at the end.)

With certain adjectives, however, 「ちょろい」 is attached like a suffix and when used this way, it just emphasizes the meaning of the preceding adjective in a very informal/colloquial way.

Those "compound adjectives" include: 「弱っちょろい」("very weak")、「甘{あま}っちょろい」{"facile", "optimistic", "too green" etc.}、「生{なま}っちょろい」("half-hearted"), etc. Honestly, I could not think of another right now. You cannot attach it to every adjective.

Lastly, there are two different 「生っちろい」.

1) colloquial form of 「生っちょろい」 meaning "half-hearted" as I stated above.

2) colloquial form of 「生白{なまじろ}い」 meaning "pale-looking".

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