So I was translating this song (full lyrics: https://www5.atwiki.jp/hmiku/pages/25196.html, and song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0dyAlYhicXk, line at 3:26) and I ran across this line which I'm very confused about.

無駄な事は聞かないよ それが君の生きる水なら。

I don't listen to/I don't ask useless things. If that's your living water.

The second part is what I'm confused about. "Living water" is a poetry anthology by 高塚かず子, but I'm not sure if that's being referred to here, though it is the most common usage I found of the phrase when I ran it through google. I'm wondering if it's a pun, especially considering there is a part in the song that mirrors it: 生き死体の君が言うんなら (If you, the living corpse, says so). I'm wondering if these are connected in meaning in some way, though I can't figure out how.

Does anyone have any idea of the meaning of this line? Is there some pun or reference I'm missing, or is it just a strange line that's up to interpretation?

Thank you!


This song is full of puns. After seeing the line for a few seconds, I thought this is probably a comical reference to 生きる道 ("way of life"), which is a recurring phrase used in poems and lyrics. It's on jisho, too. There is a famous song titled これが私の生きる道. 道 was replaced by 水 because "road" does not make much sense in water. So it's "water you live in" rather than "living water". (This may not be a type of question that has a single correct answer. This is just how I felt about the line.)

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