My textbook just put some examples without explanations, so i wonder if these sentences have the same meanings or there are differences.




お名前をお書きくださいますか is a virtual order similar to …書いてください under a situation where the opponent is supposed to write it to begin with, or in theory a simple (or a tentative) inquiry if s/he (would) write it or not.

On the other hand, お名前をお書きくださいませんか is a request when the opponent doesn't necessarily have to do it.

その論文の題をお教えいただけませんか and その論文の題をお教えいただきたいのですが are a more modest request than お教えくださいませんか, and the latter is further a round-about way.

  1. お名前をお書きくださいますかand お名前をお書きくださいませんか are both polite and have same meaning.

  2. They also have same meaning but if you say お教えいただきたいのですが, some people might wait for your next words.. for example; その論文のお題を教えていただきたいのですが、可能ですか/お時間ありますか/ご存知ですか?

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