listening to a song lyric, I hear: あたしをしかってくれるひと … the only しかって I know well is "scold" ... but it doesn't make a lot of sense in the lyric. I typed しかう (thinking it might be a verb I don't know) into google, and google says it means "to think" ...but google doesn't offer any kanji form, so I can't compare the word, and can't find any other website that offers a translation of しかう.

it is from the first ending song of the recent anime Karakai Jouzu no Takagi-san.

the lyrics up to that point are as follows:

ロマンティック 恋{こい}のアンテナは
romanitikku koi no antenna wa
My romantic love antenna

arashi de dokoka e tonde itta
was blown away somewhere by a storm

嘘{うそ}でしょう 冷{つめ}たく遇{あしら}った
uso deshou tsumetaku ashiratta
"I can’t believe you" he said, spurning me coldly

koshaku na ekubo ni
his impudent little dimples

ちょっと 心{こころ}が揺{ゆ}れてる
chotto kokoro ga yureteru
are making my heart flutter a little

ホントは 本気{ほんき}であたしを
hontou wa honki de atashi wo
"The truth is, you’re important to me

shikatte kureru daijina hito
because you scold me so seriously."


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The verb would have to be 「𠮟{しか}る」; It ends in a 「る」 and not an 「う」.


literally means:

"a person/guy who scolds me (to my benefit)"

but what that actually refers to is a mentor or big brother type of figure in Japanese culture. So, scolding is not all that is performed by that person.

Not sure how Google gets "to think", but it does not surprise me. I would not need to be here if Google were trustable.

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