So I'm trying to figure out what つばみ means in this sentence? I know 桜 means cherry blossom, and google translate only gave me cherry blossom for the whole sentence. And leaving つば without the み means saliva. Any clarification of this sentence would be appreciated.


It should be 「桜{さくら}のつみ」 if it were to make sense.

「つぼみ」 means "a bud".

So, the phrase means "the Sakura buds". It is not a sentence; It is only a noun phrase.

  • It makes more sense now! I misread ぼ as ば. The whole sentence goes:あっ、さくらのつぼみ! もうすぐ、桜が咲きます – M.Scott Mar 23 '18 at 17:37

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