I'm reading the Japanese version of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone. When Oliver Wood is explaining Quidditch rules to Harry, he says:


Why say 「一〇点」 instead of 「十点」? How do I read it? 「イチゼロテン」?「ジュウテン」?「Tenてん」?

Is this something specific to sports? The only sport I follow is football, and since I have heard weird things like commentators saying 「いちななーいちはち」 for the '17-'18 Premier League season, I suspect that might be the case.

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I suppose you're reading the book on paper (or Kindle-like terminal), where the text is written vertically. In vertical mode, the positional notation of kanji numerals are used as much as how Arabic numerals are used in horizontal mode.

一〇点 10 points vs. 十点 ten points

It doesn't affect the pronunciation, so you're just going to read it out じゅってん (or じってん, prescriptively). Something like いちぜろてん is rarely used unless you're a pilot or the base is other than ten.

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  • Yes, it's on a Kindle with vertical text. Thanks!
    – muru
    Mar 22, 2018 at 2:11

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