I came across the word かいわ in the Genki Textbook and it was translated as "dialogue". But when I put it into google translate it said it was "たいわ”.

Could someone please explain to me the differences in these two words, with maybe sentence or phrase examples?

thank you

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    会話 is "conversation". I've never heard it translated as "dialogue".
    – istrasci
    Commented Mar 21, 2018 at 19:47

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The simple answer is that 会話 is the more common word to describe a dialogue like an everyday conversation, for example, about your day or such. In the context that Genki presents this word, it is a neutral dialogue between two people.

対話, however, is a slightly more advanced term with a different connotation; it is also dialogue but in the context of an argument, not the kind where people are arguing with each other, but where people discuss a topic with contexts and deliberation.

Breaking down the kanji to understand:

会話 -- dialogue
会 -- meeting, gathering, party
話 -- tale, talk

対話 -- dialogue
対 -- vis-a-vis, opposite, even
話 -- tale, talk

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