On jlpt grammar list n3 i found ippou da and bakari da,but i don’t really get the difference. I know that they both need the dictionary form but still is there a certain difference betweeen them or do they overlap in some cases? “Ippou da” means to continue doing something “Bakari da” also seems to mean to continue doing something

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    Could you please explain why you think they are similar? – G-Cam Mar 20 '18 at 12:13

Both describe something undesirable continues all the way, but Vする一方だ implies escalation, and Vするばかりだ does not. In this sense, you can replace Vする一方だ with (ますます/どんどん)Vするばかりだ.

If the verb already has a cumulative meaning, then the two expressions make no difference.

死傷者は増える一方だ。 = 死傷者は増えるばかりだ。
Casualties keep on increasing.

Otherwise, these two would not be interchangeable.

子どもはおびえる一方だ。 The child only gets more and more frightened.

子どもはおびえるばかりだ。 The child can do nothing but being frightened.

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