What are the most common Japanese names with the word black and white?

According to google "white" = shiro and "black" = kuro.

For example white and black princess: Shirohime, Kurohime. I'm not sure though if these are valid names in Japanese.

I'm looking for names with meaning as I'm currently writing a non-fictional story.

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    This looks like a weird XY problem to me. Why do you need such names? – naruto Mar 16 '18 at 5:18
  • I'm currently trying to write a fictional story and I need female Japanese names stated above. Though google listed some names, I'm really not confident with them. If possible for someone from Japan to share such names, I'll really appreciate it. – czetsuya Mar 16 '18 at 7:01
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    >I'm currently trying to write a fictional story and I need female Japanese names stated above. At least, 白雪{しらゆき} or Shirayuki could be used safely for the purpose. – mackygoo Mar 16 '18 at 10:09
  • you can look around on MAL for inspiration for actual fictional characters using those parts in the name – ratchet freak Mar 16 '18 at 11:45

You should distinguish

  1. names that contain the reading しろ・しら or くろ, and
  2. names that contain the kanji 白 or 黒.

Given the obvious associations with white ("clarity", "light", "brightness", etc.) and black, black is quite rare as a given name. As for the two points above,

  1. As noted by @mackygoo, シロ or クロ are names often given to animals.

    Even the #names database on http://jisho.org/ (based on ENAMDICT) containing over 100,000 female given names, contains only very rare or unusual names containing しろ・しら with the meaning of "white" and even fewer containing くろ:


  2. There are a number of names containing the kanji 白, by writing a name like あきら、きよし、ゆき with the kanji 白. Essentially, 白 can stand in for 清(きよ)、明(あき)、雪(ゆき)、… as well as having an addition reading of はく (or simply は by artistic license):


    This second set contains more reasonable names that are loosely associated to "white", however the reading alone (say, Kiyoka) would not be enough to see this association (華).


Although 白 and 黒 are often used as it is as a name of a dog like シロ or クロ according to the color, there are not many cases used as a woman's name as it is or as a part, especially for 黒.
For 白 that may be used, "雪{ゆき} snow" or "鶴{つる} crane" which is reminiscent of 白 is often used as it is or as part of the name. I'll show you relatively common names examined here and here.

  • 鶴:
    つる, 鶴{つる}, 千鶴{ちづる}, 千鶴子{ちづこ}, 田鶴子{たづこ}, 鶴代{つるよ}, ...
  • 雪:
    ゆき, 雪{ゆき, せつ}, 雪子{ゆきこ, せつこ}, 小雪{こゆき}, 雪愛{ゆきな}, 雪愛{ゆきな}, 雪乃{ゆきの}, 白雪{しらゆき, はゆ}, ...

By the way, 白雪姫{しらゆきひめ} for Snow White in "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" is very famous in Japan.

白雪{しらゆき} could be as a female name and it sounds beautifully, but I've never heard it as an actual name.

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