Is the following sentence correct/natural?

The understanding for what is required of this part presupposes that one knows in which upper system it is embedded.


Or is it better to say it more simply?


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    As a native English speaker I find the English sentence you are trying to translate difficult to understand. I think it would help if you provided some context. For example, what is a 'part'? Is it a machine part? A grammatical construction? What is the 'upper system'? Mar 13, 2018 at 22:42

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  • I know the former is more literal, but I find it a bit difficult to understand. The latter is far easier to understand, but it has completely lost the nuance of "presuppose".
  • Your second attempt looks a bit misleading because of the use of は and the comma after 部品. It almost looks like "the 部品 has to know which upper system it is embedded in". Use が and no comma.

Assuming we don't have to stick to literal translation, my recommendation is something like this:


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