I'm not sure I completely understand the usage of ちょっと前に in this context:


Does this mean:

  • "I got married around a year ago" (implies more or less than a year)
  • "I got married a little over a year ago" (implies unspecified short amount of time MORE than exactly 1 year ago)
  • "I got married roughly a little over year ago" (implies uncertain time MORE than exactly one year ago)

My original intention was to say: "I got married a little over a year ago."

Can someone explain to me which is the most accurate translation, and then how to properly express the other two options?

Thank you!

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1年ちょっと前 means "a little over a year ago", i.e., approx. 13–14 months ago. This expression is unspecific, but the speaker is not uncertain. If you are uncertain, you can say "1年ちょっとだか1年半だか前", "1年かそのくらい前", etc. 1年と少し前 is a more formal equivalent. 1年ちょい前 is more casual.

You don't have to use it with 前. Examples using similar expressions:

  • I'm trying to understand the literal meanings of 1年ちょっとだか1年半だか前" and "1年かそのくらい前". first example: how is "だか" being used? Does it mean like "1 year OR 1 year and half ago"? Second example: How are you using "かそのくらい" is "ka" a doubting particle? is "その" meaning "that"? "くらい" is "length of"? Soo... something like "(lit.) 1 year maybe that length of time before"? If you can, let me know the breakdown for those last two.. Thank you! Very helpful!
    – Cmaxster
    Commented Mar 13, 2018 at 19:12
  • @Cmaxster だか is "the copula だ" followed by "the question marker か". AだかBだか forms a noun clause meaning "A or maybe B" (ex. 彼の息子だか娘だかが来た; 5人だか6人だかの集団). ~かそのくらい is "or so" or "or something like that". その is "that (in this case 1年)", くらい is "degree".
    – naruto
    Commented Mar 14, 2018 at 3:57

EDIT: I was confused and answered wrongly. I apologize for this.

「一年ちょっと前に」 means "a little over a year ago"

To tell "around a year ago", we say "一年くらい前に".

To tell "A little over a year ago", we say "一年とちょっと前に" or "一年ちょっと前に".

To tell "Roughly a little over a year ago", we say "一年とちょっとくらいに".

So to tell "I got married a little over a year ago.", we say "一年とちょっと前に結婚した".


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