I understand there are various ways to express the word "around" in Japanese under different contexts. I'm not sure of all the words used in each context and I see many variations used, both casual/polite etc.

Here is what I know for example:

  1. I will travel "around" the world.
  2. Is there a restroom "around" here? この辺り\この辺
  3. I will meet you "around" 12:00pm. 頃、くらい\ぐらい
  4. He is "around" the library. あそこ
  5. He showed me "around" town. あちこち

Are there other ways to express "around"?

  • Example 4 might not be a good example, as I don't see how it can be translated as "around" the library. I can see 「あそこら辺」, but it's the same use as example 2. Mar 1 '18 at 2:52
  1. 世界{せかい}一周{いっしゅう}の旅{たび}をする - Take a trip around the world

  2. この辺り{あたり}(この辺{へん})にトイレはありますか? - Is there a restroom in these parts?

  3. 12時前後{じぜんご}に会{あ}いましょう・12時ごろ会いましょう - Let's meet around 12:00.

  4. 図書館{としょかん}のそばにいます・図書館の付近{ふきん}にいます - He is in the vicinity of the library.

  5. 彼{かれ}は街{まち}を案内{あんない}してくれました - He introduced me to the town (showed me 'around')


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