I'm currently translating this interview of a Japanese actor.

直撃 was used for




According to Jisho, it means a "direct hit".

The word seems to be associated with a disaster like a bomb or typhoon, based on goo.

However, I noticed that similar to this article, 直撃 was often used as a verb for a headline such as



I was wondering what does it mean and whether it was an abbreviation?


「直撃{ちょくげき}」 is a term often used by the media meaning "(going) face-to-face" as in interviewing a person in person instead of using telephone, email, etc. You physically go to that person and ask questions.

This is why you will often encounter the term 「直撃インタビュー」. Another common term is 「突撃{とつげき}インタビュー」, which literally means an "assault interview".

These terms are preferred by the media and audience alike because they sound "aggressive", spontaneous and quite catchy to the native ear. It sounds as though the interview were conducted without an appointment even though most are obviously conducted on appointment.

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