I was reading a manga and I was wondering if I understood, at least the first sentence well. The other two...hmmm, I don't know if I translated them so well, so I would need some assistance. If it helps, the context is about money and friendship.


This is the first sentence and I translated it as: The problems of this world (or rather society), most of them can be solved with money." (Have I gotten the gist of it?)


It's with these two sentences that I have problem to translate. 築く, looking in the dictionary, it means "to build, to construct, to amass", and I think the sentences are saying something about making friends with money?

Please, can someone clarify them for me? Thank you

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Your understanding of the first sentence is correct.

There is a friendship you can build with money. There is a friendship you cannot build because you don't have money.

Both sentences say 友情がある ("There is a friendship (of such and such a kind)"). お金で築ける and お金がないから築けない are relative clauses that modify 友情. 友情を築く is a set phrase, "to build/establish a friendship."


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