What character is in X position on the image?


Maybe that is アバコ?

"まひろとアバ X 于ユール"

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    That is 'チョ'(tyo) <-- 「チ (chu)」です。ョ→ュ – Chocolate Feb 24 '18 at 14:49

It is 「ン」.

「アバンチュール」 is the "French-Japanese" version of 「アドベンチャー」. Think of it as the "adventure in the love department". "aventure" vs "adventure".

"Adventure with Mahiro"

Another love-related "French vs. English" pair of katakana words you need to know to be fluent in Japanese is:


  • Thank you, Is still 'love-related' with the 'Adventure' word when ignore the origin context?in other word: I can't understand the 'love-related' meaning when ignore that origin context. – illiterate Feb 24 '18 at 13:35

That would be an ん in Katagana form: ン

So your title would be:


In the font presented there the コ katagana would retain its connected-ness otherwise it would be too similar to the ん(ン).

I know different fonts in Japanese can usually throw you off sometimes, but don't worry, keep reading and exposing yourself to new formats and you'll see the patterns in time.

*EDIT: チュル -> チュール, my bad. Thanks @Chocolate

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    アバンチュル じゃなくて「アバンチュル」.... ( your sentence -- 文じゃないし..) – Chocolate Feb 24 '18 at 14:52

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