As mentioned at the title, I would like to ask the if there is any difference or nuance between "当たり" and "につき" in terms of the meaning "every ~". Any case that they cannot be used interchangeably?

For instance, do the following sentences (if they are grammatically correct) convey the exact same meaning?

卵は一人につき二つまで   =  卵は一人あたり二つまで

一ヶ月につき一回東京へ行く =  一ヶ月あたり一回東京へ行く


There is a page that tries to describe the difference, but につき and あたり(の) seemed interchangeable to me for all the examples in the page :) So I think the difference is very small and they are basically interchangeable. Still, there are small differences:

  • ~につき sounds more formal and stiff.
  • ~あたり tends to be used in relation to a total amount. In other words, if you did a mathematical division in your mind, ~あたり may be used more often. If I heard 1か月あたり1回(東京へ行く) instead of 毎月 or 月に1回, I may feel you have a big project in Tokyo.

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