Is the following sentence O.K.?


I am using for times "は" as contrast marker to indicate two contrasts.

  1. Contrast: 高い回転数領域では versus 定常作動に於いては

  2. Contrast: 優れた出力性能は発揮します versus 十分な静的性能は発揮しない

Is such a sentence construction possible?



  • I think そのようなブラシ付モーターは is more natural. – Yuuichi Tam Feb 18 '18 at 6:16

As for 1. Contrast: 高い回転数領域で versus 定常作動に於いて, I think you're correct.

As for 2. 優れた出力性能は発揮します versus 十分な静的性能は発揮しない, I think the は is used to contrast 出力性能 versus 静的性能.

I think it might also be fine if it was 優れた出力性能発揮します.

In 十分な静的性能発揮しない, the は also marks the scope of negation. This is partial negation (部分否定), where 十分(な) is negated: "not ~~ enough/fully ~~".

So.. to answer your question "Is such a sentence construction possible?", I'd say yes.

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