What is the meaning of the dot (.) in Japanese dictionaries? http://tangorin.com/general/%E8%A1%A8

For example:


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    ちょっと duplicate じゃないようですね・・ デジタル大辞泉や大辞林では語幹を (珍しい → めずらし・い)、tangorin では送り仮名を (めずら.しい) 示しているようです。ほかにも「著しい」(いちじるし・い vs いちじる.しい)、「大きい」(おおき・い vs おお.きい) などで異なってきますね。
    – chocolate
    Feb 16, 2018 at 8:54

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This is the first dictionary I've seen use this particular notation, but it appears to be a delimiter between the part of the word composed by the kanji reading and the okurigana.

See how for both of the words on the example page you gave, the dot appears immediately before the okurigana begin.



Searching for another word, 焼ける, gives me the same results.

焼{や}ける -> や.ける

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