The Problem

Currently reading a passage where a Goblin's sword and the Main Protaganist's Dagger just clashes together and it gives this sentence:


The Offical Translation has it as

There was a scream of metal on metal as the... etc

I can understand from the translation that the ザガガッと is a sort of onomatopoeia for whats happening but I can't find out where it's from / based off.

The Question

Where does this originate from or what is it based off of?


Archie ♥

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This ザガガ should be a combination of ザッ/ザザッ and ガッ/ガガッ, both of which describe "hard" sounds of mechanical impact. It expresses a little longer sound (or sounds in rapid succession) because it has three kana. I think you don't have to remember this because this combination is fairly rare.

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