How would you say 'No pressure' in a business context where you are trying to convey the lack of a need for urgency of completing a task?

Is it something like 別にする必要なく?


You would often hear the following expressions:





In one of the companies I have worked for, some people actually used:


beause almost everyone spoke English there.

Finally, 「別{べつ}にする必要{ひつよう}なく。」 is an incomplete sentence ending in the continuative form 「なく」 and it can be taken to mean "You don't have to do it.", which you probably would not want to be saying.

  • Can 気楽に be used instead? – Andrew T. Feb 7 '18 at 10:53

Are you trying to say that there ought to be more sense of urgency or awareness about the work in the environment?

「もっと気にかけた方が良いですね。」 (Maybe) it's better to be concerned (about it).

「こちらは気が利くべきですね。」 (You) should be more sensible/thoughtful/smart about this. ← 注意:English translation sounds stronger than is the Japanese.

「もっと注意しましょう。」 We should be more careful.

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    I think it's the opposite case: OP wants to tell someone that the case is not that urgent. – Andrew T. Feb 7 '18 at 10:53

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