What's the difference between these 3 forms of a verb:

1) 勝てるんじゃない 

2) 勝てるね 

3) 勝てるんですね


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    なんで3つ目だけ丁寧形なんですか?「勝てるんだね」じゃなくて。 – Chocolate Feb 5 '18 at 4:16
  • @Schokolade -- replace with "n da ne" if you want to – Raj Feb 5 '18 at 5:37

勝てるんじゃない is "Ah, you can win, after all".

勝てるんじゃない? is "I guess you can win".

勝てるね is "As far as I see, they can win".

勝てるね? is "You can win, right? (Just say "yes"!)".

勝てるんですね is "Actually, we can win".

勝てるんですね? is "So, according to your words, we can win, right?".

  • thx. it's still unclear what the degree of confidence in each case, you can you add it please? from lowest to highest. – Raj Feb 6 '18 at 11:20
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    They are not comparable because they are used in different situations. – user4092 Feb 6 '18 at 16:08

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