I want to search the internet for an instruction for building a traditional kyudo quiver (矢筒). So far my search term is "ビル命令 矢筒 弓道" but I "ビル命令" seems to be no good translation for instruction.


ビル means 'a building', not 'building' as in 'to build something'. 命令 is an order or command. ビル命令 is gobbledygook.

自作 is the word for 'self-made'. Or you can use the other words that you have along with 作り方 (how to make).

There are a lot of resources out there.


The Japanese word which naturally came to my mind was 組み{くみ}立て{たて}, although it may be more about assembling than building.

Anyway, googling 矢筒の組み立て gave me a link to 矢筒​【イカヨプ・イカヨピコロ】 - アイヌ文化振興・研究推進機構 which looks quite appropriate (page 34: 矢筒を組み立てる).

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