Is there a term that means that something isn't gairaigo, words recently derived from (predominantly European) foreign languages?

For example, I'd like to say that 踊り is a non-gairaigo word, which could be kango or wago (also known as yamato kotoba), as opposed to the gairaigo word ダンス.


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I think a natural/obvious choice for "non-gairaigo" would be just literally 非外来語. Of course it covers both kango and wago, as these aren't gairaigo.

The term is being used, for example in this draft paper title (PDF)

Frequency of Katakana Representation for Japanese Non-loan Words as Observed in the BCCWJ Corpus


Without knowing in what situation you would like to use the word, I will give a few suggestions. I think that the top three are all pretty serviceable.

日本の言葉 -OK

日本語 -OK

普通の日本語 - OK, not as good as the one's above

外来語じゃない言葉 -OK

固有語 -OK, but not so common

在来語 -pretty obscure, but if it's for a thesis it's OK

Check this site out.

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