The following is an excerpt from a conversation between me and my language partner: クジラ肉は規制があるので、食べる機会は少ないのですが、私が住んでいる地域では、馬肉より手に入りやすいです

My attempt at translation: "Concerning whalemeat, because there are regulations, chances to eat (it) are few and concerning the prefecture I live in, horse meat is the easiest to go into your hand." I've never before encountered より in the function of marking the superlative, only comparison (...のほう...より...) and in the function of "from". So I wanted to ask whether I got it right here ^^



I find that より normally translates well as 'rather than' or 'compared to'. In this case the latter translation works best:

compared to horse meat it's easy to get.

So it's not a superlative but a comparison just like you expected.

Because whale meat is regulated there aren't many chances to eat it, but in the area where I live it's easier to get than horse meat.

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手に入る would be closest to 'acquire' or 'get' in English.


My translation would be 'There are regulations on whale meat, so there are fewer chances to eat it. However, where I live, it is easier to get than horse meat.'.

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  • I see we disagree one which one is easier to get. If I'm wrong could you please explain why? Thanks. – user3856370 Jan 13 '18 at 21:40
  • Sorry. I mistakenly formed a conclusion that I thought was logical given the context. I have edited. I read it as 馬肉はより手に入りやすい, which would have been different. – BJCUAI Jan 13 '18 at 23:13



But there are not many chances to eat whale meat because it is regulated (by Washington Convention?)




Whale meat is easier to obtain than horse meat in the area where I live, .


手に入る means "obtain". 

し易{やす}い、やりやすい means "do easily".


"より"は、比較{ひかく}、対比{たいひ}(comparison, more than)です。

"the easiest"ではなく、"easier than"になります。


Whale meat is easier to obtain than horse meat in the area where I live.
But there are not many chances to eat because it is regulated.

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    "few chance(es)" would be better "Not many chances or a few chances" as in the other answer? クジラ肉自体は滅多に食べる機会はないが馬肉に比べたら少しはあるという感じで。 – user25382 Jan 13 '18 at 23:58

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