Case A

When a police prompts me to show my id card, he might say:


I am not sure whether it is natural if he says:


Case B

A boy enters an emergency room where his brother's wound is being sutured by a doctor. In order to avoid mental disturbance, his father covers the boy's eyes but he insists on seeing and says:


I am sure it is impossible to use


in this case.


Is there any case in which 見せてください and 見させてください are interchangeable?

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I think Case B can be interchangeble.


Let me see! (You are asking the dad for you to see him)


Please show me! (You are asking the dad not to hide him)

"在留カードを見させてください." is a bit odd for me if a policeman stops you to check it. Since normally he is an authority, they should use "在留カードを見せてください" when they stop you. I think "在留カードをもう一度見させてください" is fine for making sure the number or somethiing.

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