What does にも mean in this sentence?


(full text here)

I've found a topic where にも is discussed but it's not the same context and the explanations doesn't suit if I understand well: What is the function of にも in this sentence?

Thank you.

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Let us first get this usage of 「に」 down.

「Person + + Verb in te-form + ほしい」


"(Someone) wants (Person) to (verb)."

The particle needs to be 「に」 there; No other will work.

So, adding a 「も」 should not make it any more difficult.

「Person + にも + Verb in te-form + ほしい」

thus means:

"(Someone) wants (Person) also to (verb), too."

The "also" modifies (Person) here.

"President Moon would like the North Korean athletes also to participate in the Olympics."

I hope you understand now that it is not possible to translate 「にも」 all by itself.


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