The following is an excerpt from a dialogue between me and my language partner. I told her that I ate a variety of different types of meat, e.g. crododile and zebra. She then replied to me the following.


I have problems with the second sentence. My attempt at translation: "I also have eaten crocodilemeat, but I haven't eaten zebra meat yet. Concerning in japan, one eats horsemeat, but it (=zebra?) surely is meat that matches horsemeat." Did she compare horsemeat to zebrameat here? I think she does, and contextwise I wouldn't have any better idea.


(literally) Is it (=zebra's meat) meat that resembles horse meat?
I wonder if it's like horse meat.

  • Please double-check the meaning of the verb 似る.
  • ~でしょうか is a question, and is different from ~でしょう without か.

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