On Lang-8 I wrote I a journal entry. I wrote


This got corrected to


What does とも mean here? And how do I use this particle. Does it put emphasis or does it express something else? I tried looking it up but I could not find much.

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「とも」, in that context, means "all (of)".

So, 「三回{さんかい}とも勝{か}ちました」 means "I won all three times."

The format is:

「Number + Counter Word + とも」

You can say 「5人{にん}とも」("all of the 5 people")、「4匹{ひき}とも」("all of the 4 dogs, cats, etc."), etc.

Nothing to do with your question, but 「三回をして」 is incorrect. It is 「三回して」 without the 「を」. "did it three times", "played three times", etc.

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