The context is that the character was in the middle of a long winded speech about something, then noticed their friends weren't paying attention, and got a super annoyed looked on their face, like this, before making the sound. Anyone know? Because Google and my usual sources turned up extremely little

  • ↓ そのツイートの中のマンガの、twitter.com/WakyaOT34/status/934772444056895488「ごめんなさい…話を聞いてたら急に気分が悪くなって…ハ~ハ~ ウオエエエエ」っていうところは、「オエエ~」ってゲロを吐いている(=[嘔吐]{おうと}している)音です。
    – chocolate
    Commented Dec 30, 2017 at 4:51

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Translating @Chocolate 's comment, I believe she's saying it expresses the sound of one vomiting.

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