I was translating this song (full lyrics here) and I had trouble with the third line in this phrase (the rest are there for context)


I was confused since 結局は何だって seemed to go by itself, but I don't really understand how it could. I was thinking it was just, "In the end, anything" which would go with the "I thought there's no other way;" that is, the speaker didn't know what to do, so they just did anything. I thought perhaps it could go with the next line, i.e. "In the end, having any talent is crucial," though I thought that was even less supported by the lyrics. I feel like I'm reaching with either interpretation, though.

How is 結局は何だって translated in this context?




First of all, these two lines constitute one sentence, not the first line by itself.

「だって」 here means 「でも」 or 「であっても」.

Thus, 「何だって」 means "whatever it is", "in/for anything", etc.

"After all, whatever it is, talent is essential/important/crucial"


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