I watched Vladimir Putin do Q&A with high school students. One asked him

What event most impacted your life?

Putin gave a very genuine answer related to the collapse of the Soviet Union that went way over the head of the 16-yr old. He then apologized and said:

Forgive me. A very adult answer for a very adult question.

Is it correct to say:
大人な質問 or 大人みたいな質問

and would the whole translation be


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My personal recommendation would be to use the slightly colloquial 「オトナ」 with 「オトナ」 in katakana.

I am sure that is not a word taught in Japanese-as-a-foreign-language, but I feel it would fit the situation well.

「大人的{おとなてき}な」 sounds way too stiff and 「大人みたいな」 sounds unnatural for using 「みたい」 because President Putin actually is an adult.


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