I'm trying to understand the difference between the those words. After looking up in a dictionary, there entries list (roughly) "to wish" . But I think, that's because they are all written with the kanji 望 (desire?) right?

Can someone explain me those words more in detail?

Feel free to use example sentences.

  • Might also want to add [願望]{がん・ぼう}.
    – istrasci
    Dec 21, 2017 at 20:37

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  • 希望: [noun, suru-verb] wish, (abstract and beautiful) hope
  • 願望: [noun] (concrete) wish, will, desire
  • 要望: [noun, suru-verb] request (as in feature request, support request, ...)
  • 志望: [noun] (only used in the context of deciding one's life course) intention, wish, choice; [suffix forming a no-adjective] aspiring; would-be; wannabe
  • 野望: [noun] ambition

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