I'm trying to translate a little snippet to practice my Japanese. However the sentence「じっくり見たことなかったですよね」is giving me some trouble.

A friend of mine said that it would be more literal to translate it as "I've never studied you before", though it doesn't exactly make sense in the context... I think "I've never seen you like this before" would make more sense in the context? I'm not exactly sure how to translate it.

Here's the whole panel:

か: なんだ?

て: 眼鏡ないと印象変わるよな〜

つ: じっくり見たことなかったですよねー

か: ジロジロ見るんじゃない!

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


「じっくり」 would mean "carefully" in this context. (The more words in the 「〇っ〇り」 pattern you learn, the more natural your Japanese will become. The second character is the small っ and not the regular-size つ.)

か: What is it?

て: He looks totally different without his glasses on, doesn't he?

つ: I'd never looked at him so carefully before.

か: Stop staring at me like that!

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