I have a question about how to translate sentences like "the person from the eight", in the sense of "the person who lives in the house number 8". Is a counter preferred/needed in this situation? If it is, is the best counter 号? Is it droppable, so that we can safely say 八の人?

What motivated my question is the name of a Mexican TV show, which in English means "the boy from the 8". In the Japanese Wikipedia it is translated as 『8のチャボ』. However, this title sounds a bit unnatural to me (it seems like a counter is missing, but maybe the name translation is just ok because of the informal nature of the show).


Probably the number 8 is more important key than the specific location of where チャボ lives in the drama series. As the answers in the link, it is omittable. I don't know what's like "house number" is though, if it was room in the apartment, 8号室 is specific. If it was the number of the apartment building itself, 8号棟 is common. I think the answerers in the link explained in detail.

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