What does the following sentence mean?


I know that it has to do with karaoke but whether it is playing karaoke or karaoke and playing is the problem which I don't know.



would be a very poorly-written sentence if used in a composition.

In informal speech, however, some people do wind up forming sentences like that. In that sense, it is real-life Japanese.

It would mean:

"I love karaoke and playing (in general)."

In other words, the speaker is listing two things that s/he likes doing. One is specific (karaoke) and the other, non-specific (playing).

We do not say in the first place:


to refer to an action regarding karaoke. We would instead say:

「カラオケをする」、「カラオケに行{い}く」、「カラオケを歌{うた}う」, etc.

Some might say:

「カラオケ遊ぶ」, but not really 「カラオケ遊ぶ」.

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  • Can it not also be construed as "like the thing of playing karaoke"?. In other words,"I like Karaoke"? What say you sensei? – Quistis Trepe Dec 20 '17 at 2:50
  • @QuistisTrepe If you are saying I like Karaoke, you simply say カラオケが好きだ/です. If you are saying I like the thing of playing karaoke you have a problem since you don't technically play karaoke, you can play by means of karaoke (カラオケで遊ぶ). You can sing karaoke (カラオケを歌う). I would probably lean towards カラオケを歌うことが好きだ/です。 – ajsmart Dec 20 '17 at 14:05

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