The following is an excerpt from an e-mail conversation between me and my language partner.

For some pre- and posttext: ほかに例を挙げると、




The sentence in question: 「去年まで3年間」がはっきり過去を表しているので、これはジョンの過去の経験で、今は働いていないことが分かります。

My attempt at translation: "Because 'By last year three years' clearly reveals the past, I know that it is an experience from john's past and that he doesn't work anymore."

I understood the sentence as translated above, but I have no idea what this と in bold is supposed to do or mean ^^ according to jisho, it can be an adverb, and thats the way I translated it. It can also be a suru verb, but I didn't know how to translate it on that premise.



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