I came across the sentence 「宇宙KOMAなりき」in a Dragon Ball song. The context is like this:


The song lyrics are here: http://www.kget.jp/lyric/112532/KOMA_CHIHO

What can possibly mean なりき? My first guess was that it came from a verb (なりく??) or be a な+Noun pattern. Or even なり+気. What do you guys think?


「~~なりき」 in Classical Japanese is 「~~であった」 or more informally, 「~~だった」 in Modern Japanese.

It is a past-tense affirmation/declaration.

「なり」 is an affirmation auxiliary verb. 「き」 is an auxiliary verb denoting the past tense. It has nothing to do with 「気{き}」.

Thus, 「宇宙{うちゅう}KOMAなりき」 means:

"The universe was a top."

Again, in Modern Japanese, that would be 「宇宙KOMAであった」

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