I have this sentence:


I understand this as:

this is a serious rule to follow to chat with Ayame. (Correct me if it's inaccurate)

話を聞く look to me like they're connected but i can't find anything about it anywhere.

Context: A person speakers to an interviewer about their boss. Olivia, Ayame is the boss of the person who says all this to an interviewer who wants to interview her.

  • 話を聞く is “to listen to a story.” Does that help? – mamster Dec 14 '17 at 17:58
  • 1
    Can you add any context to the question? – snailplane Dec 15 '17 at 6:25

I think 'chat' is a little inappropriate.

The Japanese phrase ‘話を聞く’ refers to listening to someone's story (sometimes problem), so it is more important than a chat. What theme is important depends on one’s subjective thoughts.

For example,

「どうしたの?何か嫌なことでもあった?話聞くよ?」 the situation: A girl looked sad and her friend tried to console her with listening what happened to her.

the situation: Since he wanted to discuss the plan he had been in charge of, an office worker asked for his boss’s time.


Since I don’t know the situation I can't explain it perfectly. But my expectation is that when the speaker ask Ayame some information, he or she has to follow the rule, like giving her equivalent information.

I thought of アヤメ話を聞く as asking her something, but I don’t know whether it is proper. If you give me the situation, I think I can tell you more correctly. :)

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