So in this game there is a line about how some object is called a dragon egg and inside it seems there are these magic items that god placed inside. The part of the sentence that I do not get is お使いになられた. お使い is a messenger and なられた is the passive form of なる. It sounds like the magic items became the messenger. Maybe I am misunderstanding the use of the passive verb here. Could someone clarify that section this to me?


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Seems you are overanalyzing the phrase.

「お使いになられた」 here is simply the honorific form of the past-tense verb 「使った」("used") -- nothing more, nothing less. It is 100% in the active voice. The honorific form is used because the subject of the verb is God.

「お使い」 does not mean a "messenger" here, either. It is the honorific noun form of the verb 「使う」. "The act of using (something)", that is.

You will need to learn the common honorific verb form:

「お/ご + Noun + になる」

See here for more examples:

Verbs which are more frequently used to built the honorific passive forms

"That is called the Drangon's Egg and it is said to contain within it the magical items that God used."

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