Some Youtube comments:

1) 日本人にとっても日本語ってクソムズイのに、外国人に簡単だとか言われると腹立つのなんでやろ。しかもカタコトでwww 誰もこのコメの意味分からんだろうけどさwww
2) 文化を知らずして日本語を喋る人は大体ただの糞外人

What does ...のなんでやろ。 mean? Is that a やる verb? is の a normalization particle? If so, what is なんで?

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    Whole sentence would be nice. To get the context. – leymannx Dec 9 '17 at 17:24

やろ (or やろう) is a Kansai equivalent of だろ(う) which means "I wonder" or "I think." This の is a nominalizer which nominalizes everything before it (日本人にとっても~腹立つ).

~の(は)なんでやろ = ~の(は)なぜだろう = I wonder why ~.

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