Going through a passage and 大事にしなければいけないとの意見も多数。is written, and I don'tknow how to interpretthe との here.

Plz help :P

Thank you! That seems so obvious to me now...




("The majority opinion was that (it) had to be valued/cherished/taken good care of.")

First, the 「と」 is a quotative particle here, quoting the opinion 「大事にしなければいけない」.

The 「の」 is needed to connect the quote and the noun 「意見」("opinion"). As you know, only a noun can directly follow a 「の」.

「~~との意見」 = "the opinion that ~~"

「~~との考{かんが}え」 = "the idea that ~~"

「~~とのメッセージ」 = "a/the message saying ~~"


If you know the phrase "という", that との is the same as it.

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