What is the special word for person who likes making fool of others?


For example, A is such a person. So we can call A as the word in question.


「おちょくり屋{や}」 for one. Light, conversational and very common as a word.

「いじラー」 for another. Fairly slangy (and not so common). Don't even know why I know this word at all. The base verb is 「いじる」.  I trust you have seen slangy words in the 「〇〇ラー」 form such as 「マヨラー」("mayonaise lover"), 「アムラー」 ("a huge Amuro Namie fan"), etc.

「毒舌家{どくぜつか}」(one with a bad mouth or a sharp tongue) might or might not be what you are looking for, but it is, if anything, a good word to add to anyone's vocabulary.

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