Usually you use 浴びる for showering or bathing (not too sure about bathing) right? And you use 洗う for washing in general right? Can you ever use 洗う in a shower/bath scenario like my example below?

例:シャワーをあびた時、下の所が特に洗った。(disclaimer: sentence might contain errors)

While I was showering, I especially washed my nether regions.

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    I can't answer your question, but I assume you meant 下の所 rather than 下の所? – user3856370 Dec 3 '17 at 9:04

In that situation, you could use 「洗{あら}う」 quite naturally if you inserted 「特{とく}によく」 or 「よく」 and say:


It would sound more natural to use 「方」 over 「所{ところ}」.

To further intensify the adverb, you could use 「集中的{しゅうちゅうてき} に」("intensively") and say:


Finally, as we all know, Japanese has an onomatopoeia for every human action and for "washing hard", it is 「ゴシゴシ(と)」. With that, you could say:


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