Some context (this is from a Doraemon episode):


でも言っとくけど… 人の人生のコースを進んでもいいことなんてないよ

So, this is something like:

If you press this switch between two people, their life paths will be exchanged.

But, for your information... It's not that (?) you may continue the life path of a person (?)

I don't understand the "ことなんてない" bit.

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It is used to make light of a thing (~~).

= "a thing like ~~", "something/anything such as ~~"


「いいことなんてない」 means:

"there is nothing good (whatsoever)"

「人{ひと}」 does not mean a "person" in this context. It means "another person" or "others". This is a very common mistake among Japanese-learners.

"There wouldn't be anything good (whatsoever) if you lived the life of another person."

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