Continuation from my other question: if we were asking as a question, 'みたことがありますか。' Can we use the question はparticle interchangeably? Or which to use under which circumstances? Thanks!

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    Could you clarify your question please? It isn't clear what you are asking at the moment. – user3856370 Nov 26 '17 at 14:56

I think the question is clear enough, although there is no specific context.

I don't know whether all the questions about は/が should be regarded as "duplicated questions." If so, I had better not write this. But anyway, I will try to answer it.

Now I think that the both of は and が are almost completely interchangeable and have the same meaning, in general.

The choice depends on each concrete context. It depends on other grammatical rules.

For example:

日本に行ったことはありますか? a

日本に行ったことがありますか? b

a and b are completely the same and it depends only on the speaker's preference.

あなた日本に行ったことありますか? c

あなた日本に行ったことありますか? d

I believe not a few Japanese would choose d, because c includes the double "は" s which seem less natural to native-Japanese speakers' ears.

Hope this helps!

  • C is not less natural to me. – user4092 Nov 27 '17 at 12:06

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