Looking at an old world war two map, I know there is a mountain/hill/ridge which was nicknamed "lion" by the Japanese. The old map has a Japanese symbol written on the spot of that mountain/hill/ridge.

Because I don't know Japanese (can't recognize and understand the characters), I don't know which one of the following characters it might be:



Could someone with knowledge of Japanese give me a definite answer on which one it might likely be, and why.

Drawing from my knowledge of Chinese, my best guess is it will be

because it seems that this Japanese character is pronounced "shi", which might be coming from the Chinese "子" (shi zi).

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獅子 is a dated word that means lion in Japanese. This can also be written as しし in hiragana and シシ (shi-shi) in katakana.

シ can ツ can be distinguished like this. ツツ/つつ/筒 means pipe, by the way.

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